Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Digital Island is a Practice Fusion Technology Partner that helps Health Care Providers, get digitally connected. Our services assist physicians, and medical practices across the continental USA to transform their patient charts from paper to electronic format; enabling organized access to life
critical patient charts from within Practice Fusion EMR. Among other technology based services, Digital Island specializes in helping physicians migrate from their current fee based EMR's to Practice Fusion free web based EMR.
Electronic Records Management (ERM)

Inherent to the nature of business is the generation of thousands upon thousands of electronic records. Only well-defined plans, combined with the right technologies, will help companies to properly mange, store, share, and eventually retire portions of these records. Digital Island will work with you, to help define and implement the right solutions for your company’s Electronic Records Management needs. Tools such as migration, conversion, metadata, and eXtensible Markup Language (XML) will help you not only to preserve your records, but also realize their full value. 
Traditional (Paper/Media) Records Management

While long-term storage of paper records eats up expensive office space, security, disaster-recovery, and on-demand access and retrieval to needed documents require a well-defined plan. We will work with you to develop a Document Retention Policy, tailored to your requirements and type of industry.  Additionally, we offer secure off-site storage by developing the physical design of your archive, and the access and retrieval services that your business requires.


Data & Document Management Solutions

Collaboration, and sharing of active information, between businesses, internal and external organizations, and project teams may be routine, but the process of managing information remains complex. Prior to selecting the right tools and applications for your organization, Digital Island will work with you to articulate a process plan. Our team will then help select and implement the right solutions that best fit your organizational needs.
Electronic Data Conversion

Transforming critical paper documents such as spreadsheets, reports, drawings, photographs, faxes, and other items to electronic format, can help your company save time and space, give you more immediate access to needed information, and preserve archival files. Our tailored electronic data conversion services allow you to search for and quickly retrieve key documents with confidence regardless of their original format. In conjunction with secured scanning services, Digital Island will help your company reduce the vast amount of paper data stored in filing cabinets by developing a specific Document Retention Policy for your type of business.
Secured Destruction Services

Upon creating a well-designed Document Retention Policy, that complies with HIPPA standards, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and other business laws pertaining to your industry, and with your approval, Digital Island will provide secure shredding services for those documents that have reached the end of their lifecycle.
Consulting Service

Our commitment to our clients is to consult as a strategic partner and provide the best in integrated records, and document management solutions and services. We’re happy to advise as needed. We want to help you to succeed as we meet and exceed your expectations.



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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Electronic Records management (ERM)

Traditional Records Management

Data Management Solutions

Electronic Data Conversion

Secured Destruction

Consulting Services

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